For Cyrus Walker, adventure, exploration, and fun have been the name of the game for how he's lived his life for the past eight years. After abandoning his old life after realizing that everything that was expected of him would leave him brain-dead and miserable, he has roamed the landscape in search of ruins to explore, monsters to fight, lost treasures to find, and attractive women to invite into his bed.

And so far, he's had a lot of success. Not every day is perfect, in fact some are downright miserable, but he's a lot better off than if he'd stuck around his little village and his little life. However, as he comes to the island of Grayrock and locates the village of Windhaven, something begins to change in him.

Maybe it's the way Windhaven isn't a haven for anyone but the privileged few, or it's the fact that the town seems to be home to several uniquely attractive women, all of whom he's deeply interested in a roll in the hay with, or something else entirely, but suddenly, he's not as interested in picking up and moving on as he used to be...

Things are changing for Cyrus.

Since coming to the seaside town of Windhaven and meeting a few of the locals, (and doing more than just meeting some of them), he feels a strange new desire inside of him. After years and years of traveling, adventuring, of never staying in one place for more than a month at most, he is finally feeling the urge to actually stick around somewhere. To try and help, to try and make a difference.

But making a difference is a difficult and dangerous task. Although he is beginning to learn that he doesn't have to do it alone, as he's finding that there are some very attractive women in the area who feel the same way...

So now Cyrus owns his own guild hall.

It wasn't exactly what he was expecting to do when he arrived on Grayrock or walked into Windhaven. And yet, here he is, the owner of his own guild. But so far, he really likes it. And not just because the hall apparently came with an extremely beautiful, and very willing, redheaded secretary.

There's a lot to do. And, armed with just his own willpower and the help of a couple of recently made friends (with benefits), he's determined to get the job done, and turn this wrecked hall into something worthwhile that can help the people of Windhaven.

This is the first three parts of MAIDENS & MAYHEM - A FANTASY HAREM, collected.

There is NO NEW CONTENT. I want to be clear on that. This exists largely for mega-fans who want another way to support me and as a way for prudent readers to save some money.

Cyrus Walker is an adventurer who has been traveling his world for eight years. Ever since leaving his home village and boring life behind, he has roamed the land in search of adventures to have, monsters to fight, and women to share his bed with. And was largely successful in those endeavors. But now he finds himself on a small island called Grayrock, in a town named Windhaven, and something is calling to him.

It could be the several badass, highly attractive, and very interested women he runs into as he heads into town, but as he finds a rundown, old guild hall that used to house a band of adventurers that once helped the town, he begins to suspect that it is something deeper...