The Crystal Candy Newsletter (October 2019) IMPORTANT NEWS

I’m going to just get this out of the way right here and right now, then defend myself as best I can:

I’m putting Crystal Candy on ice for the foreseeable future. Specifically, I am unpublishing all Refuge and Maidens & Mayhem titles, shutting down my Patreon, and will not be producing new Crystal Candy content for…I honestly don’t know how long right now.

So, first of all, I’m sorry. I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this, but sometimes I lie to myself. I tell myself what you’re always suppose to tell yourself when faced with something extremely difficult: “You can do this.” The problem is, I can’t and, at present, I shouldn’t.

The more time goes on, the more it’s really looking like allocating any serious amount of time to Crystal Candy is a bad idea for…basically everyone. Me and the readers. We all suffer. On the one hand, I had a really great time writing A Warm Place, and I do really like what came out, for the most part. But consider this for a moment. So far, since April of this year, altogether I’ve written approximately 330,000 words for Crystal Candy, including all four series I’ve worked on, (A Warm Place, Planet of the Bugs, Refuge, Maidens & Mayhem). Assuming a Misty Vixen novel is 60,000 words on average, that’s about 5 novels I could’ve written. I could be up to Haven 5 or Demoness 7 by now. I try not to get too into the numbers and the fiances of it all, but it is my job, my livelihood, and how I basically stay alive and sane. And based on the sales, 330,000 words as Crystal Candy is worth approximately 1/3 the amount of money of 330,000 words as Misty Vixen.

If I was truly smart, I’d drop everything and write Haven 3 right now. Parasexual 4 is doing okay, but Haven 1 and 2 have sold better than anything I’ve ever written, like by a lot. In fact, I just ran some numbers, and Haven 1+2, this month, have earned more than DOUBLE of what Parasexual 1, 2, 3, & 4 have earned this month. But I don’t want to leave the Parasexual fans hanging like I’ve had to leave Demoness fans hanging. Or, fuck, Women of the Wild fans.

So here’s what’s going to happen: I’m taking down Refuge and Maidens & Mayhem, and basically putting Crystal Candy on ice. I’ll leave up A Warm Place, because like I said, I like it, and it’s finished, and I’ve suspended the Crystal Candy Patreon, because it wouldn’t really be right to keep it going if I’m not producing anything, and then I’ll just shift focus entirely back to Misty Vixen for awhile. I honestly hate to do this, because I’ve gotten some real love from fans of Crystal Candy, but I fucked up. I should have just stayed the course.

So again, I’m sorry. From where I’m standing right now, I can’t help but look at A Warm Place and think that if I’d gotten some proper covers for them and released them as 4-5 novels, how well they might’ve done.

I want to say that Crystal Candy isn’t dead. I still have ideas that I want to write. I still have ideas for Refuge as a series. So for now it’s just on ice. I don’t know when I’ll get back to it, I don’t want to give any kind of date, just because I honestly don’t know.

One more time: I’m sorry! This was an experiment, and it didn’t necessarily fail, so much as I failed it.

If you want to keep reading my work, please visit my Misty Vixen website and check out the catalog.