The Crystal Candy Newsletter (July 2019)

Hello everyone.

Not much to say, besides the fact that I finished A Warm Place!

You can read the whole series right here.

Overall, I’m decently satisfied with how it turned out. If you want a little more expansion on my thoughts of the series, check out this blog post.

So what’s next?

Refuge - A Sci-Fi Survival Harem.

So yeah, that’s my new series. I’ve been planning it for a little while now. I took the last week of June off to catch up on Haven 2 for Misty Vixen, (which partially worked), and plan Refuge. I didn’t get as much done as I’d like, because I ran into some personal problems.

Presently, I’m attempting to adopt a strategy to help me work around the limitations in my life. Right now, what that’s looking like translates to you getting a new Crystal Candy title once a week. It isn’t really the pace I want to work at, and if Crystal Candy was the only thing I was working on, then I could probably get two titles a week out. But that simply isn’t the case, and I can’t keep trying to push myself like that, because it doesn’t result in more getting done, it actually results in less getting done, because I’ll go really hard for a day or two, and then on the third day I’ll feel fucking brain-dead, and get depressed because I feel like such a lazy piece of shit, and then instead of writing at least some, I’ll write literally nothing, because I know I can’t hit my mark that day, so why bother doing anything?

It’s a bad cycle.

The first episode of Refuge should be going up by the end of the week. Wish me luck.

Oh, also, sorry the drawings have slowed down. I’m a little strapped for cash because of the way bills have fallen and the money that I do have set aside for drawings is being diverted to having new cover art created for Misty Vixen, because I think that will make a massive impact in the long run. But Jessica is presently being worked on!