Quickie Update

Hello, everyone. Just a little update here.

So, the first little arc of Refuge is up.

I am right now taking a short break to finish up Haven 2, finish my editing of the Wanderlust series so that I can get it updated now that I have new cover art, and begin planning my next series as Crystal Candy.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be running two series simultaneously. I’ll be releasing them in trilogies, bouncing back and forth, at a pace of about an episode a week. I know I’m going to be missing my mark this time around, but I’m taking a short vacation around the end of the month where I’m not going to be able to work really, and honestly I could use the break.

Production will resume the second week of August, and ideally I’ll be able to keep that schedule from now on. As for what it’s about? It’s a fantasy harem, so if any of my Misty Vixen fans are reading this, similar to the world I’ve established in Demoness and Wanderlust, etc. The basic premise is that a guy comes to a shitty village with a lot of problems and starts fixing them. And fucks hot chicks, obviously.

I’ll release more on it as we get closer to the release date. After writing a trilogy of episodes for this new one, I’ll go back to Refuge, and back and forth until either I get really burned out on one of them, or they’re finished, in either case, I’ll start a new series, because I have a fucking shitload of ideas. Like, seriously, a lot. I still want to do that modern horror, and a MILF harem. And another Sci-Fi one that’s a much lighter tone. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg really.

Anyway, I hope you like what I’ve written so far, and thank you to the people who have been reviewing. Like, fuck, Crystal Candy has done SO much better for reviews than anything I ever wrote as short fiction for Misty Vixen. It is really appreciated.

And now I am off to take a break. Eventually, after I finish editing Haven 2 and Wanderlust.