I Have Canceled Planet of the Bugs (Sorry)

Hello, everyone.

I’m cancelling Planet of the Bugs.

I hate to do this so early in my career as Crystal Candy, but I really feel it’s the right thing to do for a number of reasons. I’ll explain why.

The number one overall reason I’m doing this is because I’m genuinely just not feeling this series. I’m having a very difficult time writing it. At first I thought it might just be because I was in a bit of a writing slump. Sometimes (see: often actually) it happens, the words come like pulling teeth. But then I tried doing some planning for Haven 2 for Misty Vixen, and had just a great time where the ideas were flowing like water. And then, after I spent half the day painstakingly pounding out five fucking thousand words for Planet of the Bugs 3, I finally put it away for the day and decided to take a shot at writing A Warm Place 7.

I immediately pounded out two thousand words for it in like an hour with ease.

So obviously the problem is the story, not my current state of mind. And honestly, I’ve been feeling this way towards the series almost since the very beginning. I thought it would pass, and that I should give it a shot anyway, because I thought it was a half-decent idea, and because I wanted to at least try to dip my toe into the GameLit/LitRPG genre.

That is the second reason I’m pulling the plug: I am failing at that. That’s not a self-pitying statement, that’s just me looking at it with as critical and unbiased an eye as I can manage. Besides the fact that the sales are low, I got a review recently (a nice one) that pretty much said the story isn’t for GameLit or LitRPG people, so obviously I missed my mark, and that was one of the primary reasons I was even writing the story.

And the idea of doing this for another 10 or even 20 novellas is unthinkable.

The third reason is kind of a combination of both. Every minute I spend writing Planet of the Bugs means I’m not writing something. I’m bleeding both happiness and sales. Mainly happiness.

So I’ve unpublished Planet of the Bugs 1 & 2, and I’ve shelved it. Possibly forever. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up who might have been actually enjoying it, but it’s theoretically possible that I may come back around to liking the idea enough to pick it back up in the future, as I did actually have a whole campaign planned out for this. Not exactly in detail, but I did at least have a skeletal outline written up.

For now, I’m shifting my focus back to A Warm Place. Also, if you liked the sci-fi and action aspects of Planet of the Bugs, then don’t worry, I do have more stories that will be a lot like that, just not taking place in a video game. And a feel a lot more confident about them. Also, I’m not even entirely finished with the GameLit genre. I have a few more ideas that would only really work as GameLit that I feel a lot better about, so we’ll see.

Again, sorry! If you want to return either of the Planet of a Bugs titles if you purchased them, I’ll understand.

Now, I’ve got to go write A Warm Place 7!