About A Warm Place

I figure that every time I start a new series, I should probably make a blog post about it, letting people know what’s up and giving a little background.

So, A Warm Place!


To start off with, let’s set the stage. A Warm Place takes place in 2028. Following a few years of increasingly dangerous and strange weather patterns across the globe, society began to deteriorate and then collapse when, in 2026, Earth entered a new ice age. During the two years that followed, billions died and the Earth became a hellish frozen wasteland where the survivors either roam the frigid landscapes attempting to stay alive, live together in small groups, or make a go of living a bleak facsimile of what life was like before the snow in townships.

Chris Weston has done all three, and recently finds himself traversing the wilderness in almost total isolation. That changes when he meets two extremely attractive women living on their own. They are willing to satisfying him however he sees fit if he’ll help provide for them and take care of them. And he starts making a new home for himself as he develops a relationship with both of the women, Lara and Susan. (You can see what Lara looks like, clothed and naked, right here.)

At its core, this series is a survival harem erotica. So there’s going to be detailed sex, and there’s going to be some violence. Also there’s a cheating subplot, in case that kind of thing turns you off.

A Warm Place grew out of, primarily, my weird enjoyment of winter survival scenarios. It honestly hasn’t shown up all that much during my writing so far (as Misty Vixen), but it’s been there for at least a year or two. I’m not really sure where I picked it up or why, because I fucking hate the winter, and I’d be actually really terrible at surviving in the wilderness.

So that was the foundation of the series. Another big factor was the fact that I needed to try and solve a problem I’ve apparently been having with all my other stories: my protagonists aren’t assertive enough. This initially grew out of a sort of subversive, counterculture mindset. I hate alpha males, I hate that people think that that’s actually a thing (it isn’t, 'alphas’ are basically just assholes). I hate how lazy and stereotypical these types of characters are. And, on top of that, I was tired of seeing book after book after book AFTER BOOK obsessively drooling over billionaires, CEOs, cowboys, firefighters, soldiers, etc. (If you can’t tell, I still feel this way.) I just wanted to write about, like, regular dudes.

But, after about four years, I’ve had to make some concessions if I was going to keep doing this as my actual, literal job that pays the bills. Being an indie author is kind of cutthroat.

So, one of the other major goals of Crystal Candy is to write protagonists that are a little more traditional in harem stories. There’s obviously some lines I’m not willing to cross, even in the name of money, perhaps especially in the name of money, but I figure I can make a guy who’s more assertive without being an asshole. Based on the reactions I’ve been getting from A Warm Place so far, I think I’ve done a decent job. I hope so.

As of right now, A Warm Place has six parts published, as well as two collections.

I really must point out that the Collections serve merely for the sake of cost and convenience. There’s no additional content, no bonus features, it’s literally just three stories in one bundle for a little cheaper than it would be to purchase them individually. If you have the Kindle Unlimited, you can read every single thing I write through there.

As for the future of this series. I’m thinking there’s going to be twelve in total. Theoretically, I could go on for a long time, but I don’t want it to wear out its welcome, and I also have to diversify and write a bunch of other things. That being said, I could see this being a potential shared universe with another series set in it. I have an idea for that, but that’s in the future.

I hope you enjoy the stories I have to tell!

If you do, I would be really appreciative if you could either let your friends and/or fellow readers know about me and my work, or leave some kind of review on Amazon for some of my stories. Those help and also are awesome.