A Warm Place Is Done!

Hello! I have just finished up my first series as Crystal Candy, and I thought it’d be nice to make a little blog post about it, talk about my thoughts on it, and discuss the potential future of the series and the universe. But first, if you haven’t read it, then don’t read this! Go get started!

I’ve wanted to write a snowbound survival story for a long time now. I don’t know why, honestly. I fucking hate the snow, I hate the cold, I hate winter, and I’d be totally fucked if I was thrown into a survival situation. Seriously, I can’t even stand camping.

And yet, for some reason, survival stories really appeal to me.

I began to get my fix with regards to winter survival when I wrote Haven, and I’m getting more of it as I pen the sequel, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more. When I decided to go ahead with Crystal Candy, I came up with a good dozen ideas for stories. But A Warm Place came first, and hit the hardest. And even better, when I started writing it, it felt good.

That doesn’t always happen. I’ve gotten better about pushing on anyways, and it’s extremely rare that I outright abandon a project once I start it. But not all of them feel good from the beginning.

Given that it was my first entry as Crystal Candy, I went into it with a few goals in mind. As I’ve stated before, I’m trying to be a little more business-minded with this name. I know that can rub people the wrong way, but it seems to be working really well for me. The thing is, although I am attempting to make my work more palatable to a larger audience, I’m not really sure I’m even capable of ‘selling out’. What I mean by that is that there are some lines I just won’t cross. I’m willing to experiment with some new stuff, and I’m willing to impose certain things on my work, but there’s some things I won’t do. I think at least partially because it just isn’t sustainable, writing-wise.

The biggest example is the protagonist’s attitude. A lot of people seem to say that ‘alpha males’ are in. The thing is, I hate alpha males. I hate the concept. It’s a dumb concept. It’s not even a true one, it’s a false narrative. Everything guys use to justify their behavior with regards to acting ‘alpha' is really just a smokescreen, and a poor one, for the fact that they’re just fucking selfish assholes with no empathy, and they want to get away with that. And I hate guys like that. Like, a lot.

So I’m unwilling to make an asshole protagonist. But I am willing to make a more assertive protagonist, and maybe a somewhat more dominant one. I was worried about how successfully I could pull this off, both because I didn’t want to drift into asshole territory, even on accident, but also because I’m not really used to writing more assertive protagonists. But I seem to have done at least a passable job. And I had fun writing Chris Weston.

Now, because I know what it’s like to be a fan of something, I think the natural question is: Will there be more, in any capacity?

The answer to that is: Almost certainly! Initially, I told myself I was going to avoid shared universes for Crystal Candy, because they can be a pain to keep track of, but then I got another idea for this universe, and I also realized some of my stories are similar enough that they could theoretically take place in the same universe, so I figured, well why not? There very likely won’t be any character overlap, because I think it kind of breaks the rules of a harem in a way, if that makes sense. However, there might be SOME wiggle room there, because I know how much people like cameos and recurring characters. But anyway, this is what I have.

  • An idea for another, stand-alone series set in the same universe. The basic premise of A Warm Place was that it takes place in one area. This idea would pretty much be the opposite: It would follow a group of characters moving across the land in search of something. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten in terms of any planning. Right now, it’s just an idea I’ve jotted down.

  • A potential sequel series to A Warm Place. So, I’m even less sure about this one, but let’s just say that I have an idea. It would likely take place a few years later, and it would be bigger in scope. Not like a LOT bigger, but appreciably bigger. I mean, that’s how sequels work. If this does happen, unless something changes, it’ll happen after the first one.

  • Okay, just one more idea, and it’s…weird. So, just to get this out in the open, I like writing about incest. If that grosses you out or offends you, sorry. You can just ignore this part. I’ve been wanting to experiment with it for a long time now, and I finally have begun writing an incest story set in my Science Fiction Universe as Misty Vixen. It’s free and you can read it over on my website right now, right here. Obviously, I can’t publish anything incest-themed on the Kindle. Amazon would have a goddamned shit-fit. And even if publishing pseudo-incest wasn’t also risky (it totally is), I wouldn’t do it anyway, because pseudo isn’t good enough for me. No step-anythings here. Yeah, yeah, I’m a freak, I know. Aren’t we all? But anyway, I came up with an idea that would fit really well in this universe. If and when I do write it, it will be posted here, for free. Let me know if you’d be into that!

And that’s it really. That’s all I have to say about the series. I hope it turned out well, and I hope you like the other series and ideas that I have to write! Thank you for reading and supporting me!