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MAIDENS & MAYHEM is a fantasy harem series. Set in a world of monsters, maidens, and mayhem, it features Cyrus Walker. An adventurer who has been seeking fun and danger, (and sex), for the past eight years, he now finds himself on a small, unassuming island named Grayrock, in a port village called Windhaven. For the longest time, he has wandered, rarely staying in one place for longer than a month if he could help it.

But as he comes into Windhaven and gets to know some of the people there, gets to know the particular hardships of the town, and gets to know some of the women extremely intimately, he finds that he doesn’t want to leave.

When he begins attempting to help the township, trying to make changes for the better, he soon starts running into resistance from the local governor and his guards, who are intent on maintaining the status quo…