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REFUGE is a series set hundreds of years in the future. In a distant star system ravaged by war, Corporal Jax Everette has been fighting for his government for nearly five years now. Whether it is against the mindless and bloodthirsty Gez, the savage, war-loving Nyr, or the superior, technologically advanced Flix, he’s gone to battle again and again in the name of freedom and survival.

But it’s becoming increasingly obvious to Jax that his superiors not only no longer know what exactly they’re doing, it seems as if they no longer care. The brass further up the chain of command send the young and desperate off to die as they grow fat and lazy. Strict food rationing is enforced as the COs stuff their faces. Soldiers are sent to die by the hundreds in battles that have no real meaning, and mistakes frequently cost lives.

After barely surviving one such battle, Jax decides that he’s had enough. Getting to a nearby abandoned military outpost, he decides that he’s done fighting for the military, and he’s going to take refuge at this outpost. And, luckily for him, he’s going to encounter several other women who not only feel the same way, but are more than thrilled to get in bed with him and with each other…