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A WARM PLACE is a series set in the late 2020’s, when Earth has been hit by another sudden ice age. The planet has become a frozen wasteland. Billions are dead and things look bad. Survivors huddle in the cities or live in small groups in isolated locations. Some travel by themselves, like Chris Weston.

Before the snow began to fall, Chris wasn’t anyone special. He worked a dead-end job, went camping sometimes, and wasn’t sure where his life was going. But in this strange new world of bitter cold and icebound horror, he finds himself oddly adept at survival.

It’s been two years since society collapsed. Although he’s been traveling alone for awhile now, that all changes when Chris runs into Lara and Susan, a pair of extremely attractive women who make him an exceptionally tempting offer. If he helps them out with staying alive, they’ll take very good care of him. With an offer like that, how could he refuse?