Hello! Just like it says up top, I’m called Crystal Candy.

I write stories about people fucking and people having adventures. Harems are my thing, as in one dude banging the fuck out of several really hot chicks. I’ve found that you can actually mold a ton of different narratives and genres around that theme, so you’ll find a lot more than basic harem stories here. I plan on experimenting with everything from horror to fantasy to post-apocalyptic survival to banging a bunch of hot teachers and pretty much anything else that comes to my mind.

I write serial fiction and release everything through the Kindle Unlimited. I try to release about once a week.

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I’m also Misty Vixen. As her, I write novel-length material set in four shared universes, (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, & Paranormal). My stories tend to focus on human men fucking hot alien, monster, or otherwise inhuman ladies, relationships that emphasize trust and communication, and wild and crazy adventures. Check me out!